Counseling Department

Counseling Services

"We cannot direct the wind,
but we can adjust the sails."

Kathy Mahoney*
M - Z

Head Counselor
Ext. 17412

Natalie Tremonte
A - L
School Counselor
Ext. 17411

Sandra Vitale 
Ext. 17409e-mail

Cynthia Perez 
Counseling Secretary
Ext. 17408
Social Workers
Ms. Christine Brown Ext. 17414
Ms. Mosby
Counseling Intern
Ext. 17410
(*Spanish Speaking Staff Members)

Counseling Goals

Understanding the school environment
Understanding self and others
Understanding attitudes and behavior
Decision-making and problem-solving
Interpersonal and communication skills
School success skills
Career awareness and educational planning


Home-School Communication

Let us be your bridge