Dress Code
March, 2012

This is a good time to review the Board of Education policy for student dress and grooming.  Spring weather tempts students to dress for the beach rather than school.  At Roton we have no intention of becoming the "fashion police". However, we will address inappropriate dress with both the student and the parent.  Please take the time to read the Board of Education policy and “Dress Expectations” in the Middle School handbook in the Code of Conduct section. 

              Board of Education Policy for Student Dress and Grooming

The serious nature of our school activities and pride in the reputation of our school require neat grooming, cleanliness and appropriate dress.

Student's overall appearance should fall within the generally accepted definitions of neatness and cleanliness.  Generally, the students are expected to dress and groom themselves for the business of school so as to neither distract other students or teachers, disrupt the education process, or pose a health or safety threat to anyone.  Clothing should be clean, untorn, and free from promotion of or reference to drugs, alcohol and tobacco, and offensive signs, symbols or words.  Clothing should also be free of slogans, names, titles or the like which are defamatory toward person(s), group(s), the school or other organizations or which are likely to incite or inflame.  Apparel which is worn to symbolize membership in a gang or clique will not be permitted.

The Board of Education encourages students to dress in clothing appropriate to the school situation.  Restrictions on freedom of student dress may be applied whenever the mode of dress in question:

  1. is unsafe either for the student or those around the student.
  2. is disruptive to school operations and the education process in general.
  3. is contrary to law.

 The following clothing styles are specifically prohibited:

  1. High-heeled shoes. 
  2. "See-through" style and/or mesh style shirts, blouses or midriff tops.
  3. Underwear worn as outerwear.
  4. Short shorts, athletic shorts and cutoffs.  (Shorts will be permitted as long as they are mid thigh length and of appropriate fit.)
  5. Spandex clothing.
  6.  Short skirts.

 Clothing which is worn in physical education shall not be worn in other classes nor shall clothing worn in regular classes be worn in physical education.  Physical education teachers will specify the kind of clothing appropriate for their activity.

The wearing of sunglasses in school is not permitted.

 As always, I thank you for your support and cooperation.