Serving grade levels six through eight, Roton Middle School opened in September 1966. Taking advantage of the school's size, the faculty strives to foster a climate where learning takes place in an atmosphere of nurturing concern and close community. To further this end, Roton's house teaching structure focuses on individual students and facilitates communication among teachers and parents. 

The staff of Roton Middle School includes: 2 administrators, full-time teachers, part-time teachers and approximately 20 support personnel. All faculty members hold bachelor's degrees, while 84% hold a master's degree or above. All members of the faculty and administration hold Connecticut Certification in their areas of current responsibility. 
Roton's international outlook is rooted in a number of foreign language course offerings, and Roton has a very successful Japanese program. The Roton curriculum weaves a varied fabric from the cultures of many countries through language and social studies. 

The importance of Human Relations is evidenced by activities such as Peer Mediation, Student Council, and the Mentor Program. Roton's extensive music program includes an award-winning band, orchestra, and girl's and boy's chorus. The Related Arts program allows students exposure to technology, nutrition, health, and art. Roton takes pride in its many after-school activities, including clubs and the RAMs program for academic and social enrichment. 

Roton Middle School is a caring place where the school community develops the students' highest potential through high academic expectation, respect, responsibility, and the celebration of diversity. Roton has proven to be successful in preparing its students for life beyond its walls. We, the staff of Roton Middle School, are proud of our contribution to the education of Norwalk's youth. 

Joseph M. Vellucci, Principal