Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation at Roton Middle School

What is mediation?
Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party helps disputing parties find their own solutions to conflict.
The school and students benefit from peer mediation.
1. Peer mediation teaches students to see conflict as part of everyday life and an opportunity to grow and learn.
2. Peer mediation is a life skill that empowers students to solve their own problems through improved communication, problem solving and critical thinking.
3. Peer mediation promotes mutual understanding of various individuals and groups throughout their school and community.
Why do we need peer mediators?
1. Conflict is a normal part of every day life. When it is handled in a negative way, it can have destructive results; but when it is handled in a positive way, it becomes a valuable learning experience.
2. From middle school on, students turn to their peers when they have a problem. By using trained peer mediators, schools empower students to help themselves. When students come up with their own solution to a problem, they are happier and more inclined to live with it.
How mediation works
Teachers, administrators or students may request a mediation. All they have to do is fill out a request form in the guidance office. Mediators and disputants will be sent passes to come to the Mediation Room in the guidance office. All students are rsponsible for any work they miss because of a mediation.