Why Astronomy?


Astronomy is often considered the oldest science. Since the dawn of human history, men and women have gazed into the heavens. From our vantage point on spaceship Earth, anyone with good eyes and a sense of curiosity can take a tour of the cosmos without leaving their backyard! The night sky has always been a source of awe and wonder; and one cannot but help gain a new perspective about life when watching the stars!

We live in a fantastic time in astronomy history. Space flight, just a dream a hundred years ago, is now routine. Twelve men walked on the Moon. There is a space station orbiting the Earth. Our mechanical friends - the space robots - are plying the Solar System sending back pictures and information about the Sun, planets, comets and asteroids; while the Hubble Space Telescope has photographed galaxies near the edge of the Universe. And these photos are transmitted right into our living rooms via television, or the Internet! As an informed and educated society, we all can enjoy the celestial sky free from the superstition, fear and ignorance which plaguedcultures for thousands of years.