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The last day to switch classes is Thursday, 9/15.

Medical Paperwork: If you are a new student to NPS or an incoming sixth grader, please make sure your physicals are up to date. If you have any questions, please contact Nurse Sonia



 Mr. Joe Vellucci


Mr. Joe Devellis 

 Assistant Principal

Mission Statement

Roton Middle School is a caring and welcoming place where our students are greeted by the school community (teachers, support staff, and administrators) every morning with smiling faces. Through creating strong student-family-teacher relationships with particular emphasis on literacy and numeracy, we aspire to create a culture where students love to learn.

We are Roton!
We are R.A.M.S!
We are respectful and responsible!
We are achievers!
We are motivated!
We are successful!
We are Roton!